Get the extra edge by upping your mental game with this subtle, permissive hypnosis session


Do you wonder just why one day turns out so much better than another on the archery range?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to get in the zone as you lift your bow to take aim?






But what else can you do? Is it impossible to improve archery performance one more notch?


This is where you need to go beyond the physical expertise and the mental know-how that you have worked so hard to develop. You have the conscious knowledge and the practical skills.

现在是时候发现如何以一种全新的方式来发现射箭表演 - 踏入终极弓箭手的心理(有些人会说)领域。这是什么?那是您已经去过的地方!

If you think back over your development as an archer, you will recall that there have been times when the arrow seemed to fly from your hand 'of its own accord', when it seemed to find the target almost without any input from you.

There were times when your score just effortlessly rose, as if you couldn't make a mistake. These were times when you were in the realm of the ultimate archer.


Fate has no interest in helping you to improve archery in any way. But the truth is that you can learn to deliberately enter this realm. You don't just have to wait for it to happen. If you know how.



This session is based on hard scientific psychological understanding of high performance and how to reach it, and uses powerful hypnotic techniques to help you get there.

您将学习如何将自己与您周围可能发生的一切以及过去或将来的每一个想法分离和完全分离,以便您可以完全存在于this镜头 - 无论是第一枪,最后一枪,射门不佳的镜头还是出色的射门。

这就是射箭不再是您“做”并成为自己的事物的东西 - 内在存在的一种表达。实际上,您自己的“终极弓箭手”。




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Narrator:Roger Elliott

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