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About Hypnosis Downloads & Uncommon Knowledge

Uncommon Knowledge founded Hypnosis Downloads in 2003. Learn more about this specialist psychology company.

Hypnosis Downloads is run by Uncommon Knowledge, a specialist psychology training company since 1995.

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AtUncommon Knowledge, we believe strongly in common sense psychology, and base our approach on the belief that human beings have a set of 'primal needs' which when unmet can lead to psychological and physical problems.

All of the sessions at Hypnosis Downloads have been created by Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell, the directors of Uncommon Knowledge, with help from our team, particularly Joe Kao and Rebekah Hall.

Why we are different

Not all hypnosis is the same, and some is downright peculiar. But we work hard to ensure our psychology is sensible and research-supported, plus we have 5 main points of difference...

  1. 4 experienced therapy brainswork on every session. And we work very hard to ensure every session is a work of art.
  2. We're experienced therapist trainers - formed in 1995 we've trained over 24,000 people since then at face-to-face events.
  3. We've served over a million self hypnosis audio sessions and are the biggest hypnosis provider in the world.
  4. Between our team of 4 hypnotherapists, we have treated over 5,000 patients in personal 1:1 therapy.
  5. Over 600,000 people have taken our email courses since 2000 when we launched our online business.

I hope that's convinced you that you're in the right place! We are in constant communication with our customers, so pleasefeel free to get in touch with us by email, onFacebookorTwitter.

Ethics first

The Internet is awash with web sites which offer hypnosis products and services that have not been created by experienced professionals, nor are they based on current research-based practices. Some of these programs are of limited or no use, while others may do more harm than good.

At Hypnosis Downloads we work within our strict ethical guidelines to ensure that every program meets the highest professional standards, based on current research and knowledge. We also use our knowledge of what hypnosis is good for to guide the topics we address.

We will only develop sessions for things that:

  1. We have successfully treated ourselves
  2. 或for which there is research supporting the effective use of hypnosis
  3. And which common sense says hypnosis could practically help (for example, there is no link that we can see between the use of hypnosis and growing taller, although you will find products that claim to do this!)

Why we use hypnosis

At Uncommon Knowledge we use hypnosis among other psychological tools, because it is part of our birth-right as human beings, and the keystone of any learning process. Without it, or through its unintentional mis-use, therapeutic attempts can be difficult, protracted and can even make the situation worse instead of better.

Emotional problems work much more on the "feeling level" than the "thinking level" which is why just trying to think differently is so hard when trying to lift, for example,恐慌症or feelings oflow self worthorphobias. We use hypnosis to help you feel different quickly which then makes youthink differentlyabout a situation. This is a much easier and more natural way of lifting problems. But we also understand that people are not just 'hypnotic' which is why our sessions also address thinking styles and how to change them and encourage healthy behaviour in the future.

About the researchers and creators behind our programs

Mark and Roger, in addition to deliveringtherapy training, used to run a busy hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practice in Brighton, England, where they delivered brief, solution-focused treatment for a wide range of psychological problems ranging fromclinical depression,anxiety disorders,恐慌症andOCDtoself confidence,public speaking confidence, exam and driving test nerves and more.

Their strict adherence to research-based approaches has made Uncommon Knowledge a leader in the field of hypnotherapy, with places on their year-long practitioners' course much in demand (now supplanted byonline therapy coursesfor practitioners andonline hypnosis coursesfor the public).

Mark Tyrrell, Creative Director Mark Tyrrell Creative Director

Mark Tyrrell HGDip, DipHypNLP(BHR) has been working as a hypnotherapist and trainer since 1995. He has worked with the London Metropolitan Police, business people and individuals looking for help to improve their lives. He has also given lectures to thousands of health professionals onself esteem, detraumatisation andworkplace bullying. He is author ofNew Ways of Seeingand has authored and co-authored over 1000 hours ofself help products.

Mark also has a passion for anything physical and in his spare time, you'll find him down the gym or perfecting some esoteric martial art. And if it's summer, on the tennis court.

To hear a sample of Mark's voice, use the player below

Roger Elliott, Managing Director Roger Elliott Managing Director

Roger Elliott DHypPsych(UK), BEng(Hons) has been working as a hypnotherapist and trainer since 1998. In this time he has developed many ground-breaking methods of educating people about their own psychology, including the Uncommon Knowledge Diploma Course, the Depression Learning Path, the 6-Part Self Confidence Course, the Panic Attacks Course, plus a range of audio. Simplifying psychology is his great passion and he has gained a reputation as a creator of innovative and highly effective training materials.

Roger also enjoys contributing to his local community as a volunteer director ofAtlantis Leisure, one of Scotland's longest established community-run social enterprises. When he's not doing that, he's spending time with his family, chopping wood to get the family through the long Scottish winters or getting out on the water, of which there is a lot around his home in Oban.

To hear a sample of Roger's voice, use the player below

约瑟夫花王, Script Writer 约瑟夫花王 Script Writer

约瑟夫花王DHypPsych(UK) began training in hypnotherapy and NLP in 2001, and he has run a private hypnotherapy practice in London since 2005. Joe has co-authored several hundred professionalhypnotherapy scriptsfor Hypnosis Downloads, and he is the co-developer ofPrecision Hypnosis, the Uncommon Knowledge advanced hypnosis training course. Joe also teaches workshops around the UK on hypnotic language and therapeutic metaphors. In his spare time, Joe grows his beard a bit longer, puts on renaissance costumes and acts in Shakespeare plays.

Rebekah Hall, Script Editor Rebekah Hall Script Editor

Rebekah Hall (BA English, MA Psychology-Marriage and Family Therapy) has been fascinated by hypnosis since childhood and has a 7th-grade research paper to prove it. Inspired by Uncommon Knowledge's sensible approach to psychology, she retrained in Marriage and Family Therapy, earning her graduate program practicum hours working with at-risk teens at SafeHouse of the Desert, and has taken hypnosis training with Uncommon Knowledge and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). She has been editing for Uncommon Knowledge since 2009 and in 2015 became script editor for Hypnosis Downloads. The rogue Yank of the team, Rebekah's love of a good story encompasses films and adventuring in virtual worlds.

The 'primal needs' which need to be met to avoid psychological and physical distress are:

1. The need to give and receive attention

Attention is a form of nutrition and without the right quality and quantity we will suffer mental and even physical distress and illness. It's vital to understand the importance of how much and of what quality attention we give and receive in life, if we want to feel happier and have the space in our minds to focus on long term dreams and goals.

2. Physical needs such as nutrition, sleep and exercise.

We evolved to move a lot, eat simple nutritious foods (not grains and sugar) and sleep a fair amount too. If you physical needs are not met properly, you won't feel right emotionally.

3.f的需要or purpose, goals and meaning

我们都需要感觉生活有意义,我们have purpose. Some activities (such as ones that help others and/or develop new skills) will feel inherently more meaningful than others (such as hours of TV watching or doing work that doesn't inspire you).

4. A sense of community and making a contribution

Research(1) (2)has found that social connection is a boon to both physical and emotional health. We evolved to connect to others and be part of a group. Low self esteem and anxiety may prevent us from connecting to groups until we stop feeling like that.

5. The need for challenge and creativity

We all need to feel stretched (rather than stressed) because when life becomes too easy or repetitous then it loses meaning for us (see need number 3). Creativity can be mis-directed as when people misuse their imaginations to worry. We encourage the productive enhancement of creative resources through our hypnosis sessions.

6. The need for intimacy

We need to feel there is at least one person who accepts us and cares about us unconditionally "warts and all". To truly feel close to someone is a huge life enhancer. Physicalintimacy(not just sex) is important for health and happiness too. Some people need to learn to relax with intimacy so they can start to fulfil this need.

7. The need to feel a sense of control.

When we feel powerless to make a difference and to influence at least some events we become vulnerable to all kinds of fears, anxiety and also depression. Knowing how to feel more in control and how to relax during the times when all you can do is wait and see is a vital emotional strength - a strength that can be developed.

8. The need for a sense of status.

Status is important (it even affects our hormonal levels). It's not that we all need to feel better than others, rather it's important for physical and mental health, to feel we have a recognizable, valuable and valued role within a community. Shyness, lack of confidence, self destructive habits can all block us from attaining a healthy status in life.

9. The need for safety and security

We all need to feel safe in our environment so we can enjoy life and grow. Our environment may be safe but if we don'tfeelsafe on the inside (because of panic attacks, phobias or trauma from the past) then this vital need will still remain uncompleted until we learn to feel safer on the inside.

Research References

(1) The toxic effects of loneliness are confirmed by insurance statistics and numerous scientific studies. For example, one study of 972 Johns Hopkins medical students used results of personality tests to classify the students into one of five types. Thirty years later, when they checked health status, they found that students classified as 'loners' hadsixteen timesmore cancer than people who vented their emotions to friends. Study after study has shown that feeling connected with other people is extremely important for physical and mental health. Suicide, alcoholism and mental illness rates are much higher among people living alone.

(2) Researcher Oscar Ybarra and his colleagues at the University of Michigan explored the possibility that social interaction improves mental functioning. In a series of related studies, they tested the participants' level of cognitive functioning, comparing it to the frequency of participants' social interactions. They found that people who engaged in social interaction displayed higher levels of cognitive performance than the control group. Social interaction aided intellectual performance. "Social interaction," the authors suggest, "helps to exercise people's minds. People reap cognitive benefits from socializing." They speculate that social interaction 'exercises' cognitive processes that are measured on intellectual tasks. "It is possible," the authors conclude, "that as people engage socially and mentally with others, they receive relatively immediate cognitive boosts."

Hypnosis Downloads Donates All Sales from Cancer Sessions to World Child Cancer and Children's Hospice Association Scotland Charities

A Little Bit of Giving - a Power Beyond Hypnosis

We believe strongly in the power of hypnosis. But there are also individuals and organisatons that make a power of difference in other ways. So, each year, we will support two major charities as well as other, smaller good causes.

When we launched our new series of sessions designed to help people with cancer and the side effects of its treatment, we knew our first charity would have to support those who live with long term, serious illness.

Read more about our chosen charities ...

World Child Cancer charity

Proud to Support CHAS

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Why you can relax about buying from Hypnosis Downloads

Please put your mind at rest - every hypnosis session is crafted by our team of 4 experienced hypnotherapists, so you are getting the very best self hypnosis available. With over 24,000 people trained and more than a million mp3 audios purchased, we are the world's largest hypnosis provider. However, we realise that not all sessions work equally well for everybody, so if you find this doesn't do what you wanted, simply let us know within 90 days and we willrefund you in full, no questions asked. (One order per customer).

Customer Comments

"I have purchased several sessions over the past couple of months and have really had fantastic results with them. And I've enthusiastically recommended your site to friends and family members who have commented on my great attitude and on my open and relaxed energy at work and in general! Thank you!"
L. Singleton, Performing Artist, Paris, France

"I am an operations manager in IBM. You could call me one of your regular customers - I've already downloaded around 20 of your hypnosis MP3s, subscribed for your free self confidence course and have also puchased the 'Hypnosis Training DVD' (which is one of the best training videos I've seen)"

"What makes Uncommon Knowledge different is this focus on Quality and customer satisfaction."
Sajith Sreekumar, Operations Manager, IBM Global Services, Bangalore, India

"In this day and time, it is seldom found that someone like yourself who provides a public service, really does take pride in the services you offer, and making the customer #1."

"Thanks for taking the time to be consumer friendly!!!"

"If you want a company that stands behind their product and has the best customer service on the web...This is the place!"
R. Martinez, Financial Advisor, Denver, CO.

"I've waited a while before writing this because I wanted to see if the immediately uplifting effect I felt after my initial sessions would last."

"I'm happy to say that the improvements to my sense of being able to direct where my life is heading, my feeling of being able to achieve what I feel I want or need to, do seem to have persisted beyond the first couple of days (it's been about 3-4 weeks now). I don't feel the same way every day of course - there are times when I revert to old habits of inertia, and fall back into the spiral of frustration, sense of failure, followed by feeling of futility - but having the hypnosis audios at hand and listening to them regularly has helped restore my sense of purpose and the belief that I will achieve what I set out to."

"In addition to my positive experiences with the sessions, I would also like to applaud the service on this website. You've been true to your no-questions-asked, 90-day money-back guarantee, even after the initial request. (Just to clarify, I've about 15 files now, of which I've returned 3, either because they were not what I was looking for in terms of content/message, or the structure of the sessions was somehow less effective than the other recordings)."

"Finally, I'd just like to say - keep up the good work (and it is very good work you're doing here), and best wishes for the future."
G D Wan, UK

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