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The Hypnosis Downloads Affiliate Program

Over $1 million paid out since 2003 with high conversion rates, rebilling commissions, high value products and wide range of promotional media


Why should I join the Hypnosis Downloads affiliate program?

As an affiliate you need toknowthat an affiliate program is going to make moneybeforeyou invest time in promoting it. The Hypnosis Downloads hypnosis affiliate program has suchexcellent conversion ratesthat we encourage you to contact the references below to check us out if you have any doubt at all. We have been paying monthly commissions to affiliates on the first working day of every month since November 2003 so you can be confident of getting paid, and on time, every time.

You may be thinking that this program is only for self improvement or self help affiliates, or sites with health-related content, but when you check out our range of hypnosis titles, you'll find products that relate directly to your site's topic. And as experienced affiliates know, the better the affiliate program fits, the better the conversion rate.

This should be the easiest affiliate program decision you ever made. Here's why...

    Key Facts and Figures:

  • 35%commission+ 5% 2nd tier on all downloadable products (hypnosis mp3s, scripts and membership)
  • monthly recurring commissionswithGrowth Zonemembers' section
  • a seriouslyimpressive conversion rate
  • typical visitor makesmultiple purchases
  • robust 365 day cookie, automatically renewed every time your customer returns and backed up by a nifty server-based IP+sessions system in case your cookie is deleted. Your affiliate code is also stored within a user's account, should they create one. We want to be sure you get paid what you deserve!
  • over 1,250 audio downloads to fit to your market - the largest selection anywhere on the web
  • smart upsell systemto maximize purchase value
  • 非常详细的统计数据including conversion rate by product and ad code
  • many cut-and-paste linking methods includingfree content for your websitein the form of hypnosis articles, search box, live blog, datafeed and video links
  • dedicated affiliate manager (try him outusing the Affiliate Contact form).

Experienced affiliates know the affiliate programs that make themost moneyare those thatmatchyour own site content the best. Quite simply, it's...

"The better the match, the higher the conversion rate"


This is why the Hypnosis affiliate program is so effective

Comments from affiliates:

James Manktelow "Commissions are generous..."- James Manktelow
We've found the Hypnosis Downloads affiliate program to be a very useful one - the MP3s are inexpensive for customers and easy to buy, which means that a lot of our customers buy them. What's more, commissions are generous, which makes this a good earner for us. I strongly recommend the Hypnosis Downloads affiliate program.
James ManktelowCEO
Mind Tools

"...a considerable success for my site..."- Peter Shepherd
Another of Uncommon Knowledge's hypnosis affiliate programs has given me a consistent affiliate income over several years and throughout this time, Uncommon Knowledge have always beenfriendly, helpful and prompt in dealing with queries and making payments. The recent introduction of Hypnosis Downloads from the same company has been a considerable success for my site, with sales every day. It seems the wide range of therapeutic solutions provide customers with exactly what they are looking for - at a very affordable price - and sooften several programs are purchased at once!
Peter Shepherd
Tools for Transformation

"I have never had a more successful affiliate association"- Elizabeth Stafford
I just wanted you to know that in the 9 years that I've had my website online I havenever had a more successful affiliate associationthan I have now with Hypnosis I am extremely pleased. For my site, it has outpaced Amazon and even Google Adsense. Thanks so much. Thank you, also, for your incredibly fast commission payouts.
Elizabeth Stafford

"I wish the other services I offer were this popular!"- Ian Brockwell
命中率似乎进展得很好the moment and I just need to add a few more links to other pages and we should see a further improvement. I wish the other services I offer were this popular!My only regret is that I didn't join the Hypnosis affiliate program much sooner!
Kind regards,
Ian Brockwell

" far one of the best run programs..."- L. Rogers
"I run a very large affiliate holistic health website. Of all the affiliate programs I have dealt with over the years (and there have been many!), Mark and Roger's Hypnosis Downloads affiliate program is by far one of the best run programs I've had the pleasure of working with. Everything about the way they run this program is quality. Also, anytime I have had a question, they have been in contact quickly with an answer. I am happy to be an affiliate."
L. Rogers
Holistic Health Tools

Promote any download or all of them (or the free course!)

As a Hypnosis affiliate, you can promotespecifichypnosis downloads to your site visitors, ensuring that you offer them something that istrulyrelevant to their needs.

Here's a few examples.

If your site is based around...
You could promote these downloads...
Dating and matchmaking
Self improvement, personal development, or self help theme
Why not promote a category?
Self Improvement
Personal Development

These are just a few examples - for more ideas, take a look at thefull list of downloads.

Once you have signed up for the Hypnosis affiliate program, you will have access to a wide range of linking methods that enable you to promote whichever downloads you choose.

Happy customers mean lifetime affiliate commissions

You get repeat commissions for customers who join our Growth Zone members section. Members tend to join either for self improvement, or because they are hypnotherapists and want constant access to high qualityhypnosis scripts. The monthly fee is US $21.95 and you get 35% every time the customer's card is (automatically) charged. Your affiliate number is also stored within the user's account so there's no problem with cookies getting deleted.

And, because our customers receive regular updates on new downloads and special offers, repeat purchases are very common. In fact, happy customers are what make our business successfull, so we do our very best to make them happy! Plus, of course, you get new products to promote on a regular basis.

客户一旦发现有多好(和合理priced) the downloads are, they tend to think of other things they would like help with and come back to look for more downloads. And as we are continually adding to the range, they're likely to find what they are looking for!

Another juicy offer for your visitors- unique free hypnosis course

Depending on your website traffic, you may want to promote our unique FREEhypnosis video courseto your visitors. For people who are interested in personal development, self improvement, self help and hypnosis itself, it's an irresistable pull to the site. And anything they purchase in the future, you make commission on.

The nitty gritty

  • You get35%of every sale to a customer referred by you. We offer discounts for multiple purchases - encouraging higher value sales and solarger revenuefor you!
  • Recurring commission: you get 35% of the renewal fee every month for Growth Zone members
  • We pay commissions over$25(US) monthly via PayPal in US dollars, or by bank transfer in GBP (to UK bank accounts only).
  • Cookies last365days so you get paid even when your visitor doesn't buy on the first visit, plus the cookie is renewed every time your customer comes back to the site, and backed up by sessions and account storage.
  • Powerful affiliate software gives youinstant detailed statsso you can maximise your conversion rate (stats available include downloads sold, clickthrough rates by page, conversion rates by product, unique clicks vs. repeat clicks, total commission, commission per visit, commission ratio, clickthroughs and conversion by ad code)
  • Robustanti-parasiteware ethos. Ouraffiliate agreementforbids any form of parasite ware and all affiliates are hand-checked to ensure they do not use parasitic methods

We think ours' is the best hypnosis affiliate program on the Internet. However, we are also active in responding to affiliate requests, and if you have any suggestions to improve the program, we would love tohear from you.

Roger Elliott
Hypnosis Affiliate Program Manager
P.S. If you currently use a different hypnosis affiliate program,I promise you will earn more with ours. In fact, if you don't make more in the first month, I'll refund youtwice the differencewhen compared to the average of your previous 3 months' checks.Contact me for more info. Roger.

Roger Elliott
Roger Elliott
Affiliate Manager
Direct contact
Our 'Earn More' Guarantee

"I know our program converts really well, but I can't expect you to take my word for that."

"So if you currently use a different hypnosis affiliate program, simply replace your existing links with ours and I guarantee you'll start making more money immediately."

"If your first month's earnings are not better than your previous program's, I'll refund youtwice the differencewhen compared to the average of your previous 3 months' checks."

"If you want to take advantage of this guarantee, pleasecontact me here first."